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Black Gold Henna

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Naturally grown and cultivated henna mainly used to cover the grays of the hair is what gives the hair the natural Henna color of being black along with gold highlights, along with adding a lustrous shine to the hair. The final outcome is a deep and wholesome glow, which holds the attention of the beholder.

The use of our own naturally cultivated and grown henna conditions the hair and protects the hair from environmental factors. To add on to this, move into the sunlight and there are gorgeous golden highlights visible making the hair seems extremely lustrous and shiny with a healthy glow.

Additionally, since the color acquired is completely natural, the effects the hair are less damaging and the color tends to last for almost 6 weeks, before the use of another round of color.

At the end of the day, the use of our herbal black gold henna will leave you with not only strong but also silky and smooth hair, which depicts health.

  • Ishar Dass Amir Chand henna is a natural henna powder.
  • The natural henna powder is a henna leaf in its purest form.
  • Henna powder depending on the kind of treatment that you are looking for your hair.
  • Ishar Dass Amir Chand henna It Is a Hand-Crafted Blend Also Smells Amazing No Stinky Henna.
  • Adorn your beautiful hands for the first wedding festivity with Ishar Dass Amir Chand henna.
  • Our professionals works consistently on delivering the best quality of Henna.
  • Henna application is known to cool the scalp.

Henna is a natural product and there is no specific procedure that needs to be followed with regards to the application. Other being used to color the hair, henna is used as a natural conditioner in India as well as out of India.

The henna application is known for multiple benefits

  • Henna application is known to cool the scalp. When henna is used with products containing antimicrobial properties, it can help improve the health of the scalp and also help in fighting off conditions like dandruff.
  • Henna is also used as an ingredient for balancing or controlling the oil production by the scalp and help further in maintaining the pH of the scalp. Henna is known to be an active ingredient in helping unclog hair follicles, removing excess oil in the hair and also helps in restoring the natural running of the sebaceous glands on the scalp.
  • Due to the removal of excess oil and unclogging of follicles through the application of henna, hair fall is reduced and healthy growth of hair is further enhanced.
  • When the pH levels of the hair scalp are maintained, they further ensure that the hair cuticles are sealed. Sealing of the hair cuticles makes the hair more lustrous and also improves the elasticity of the hair.

Due to the benefits of Henna, it is recommended that the henna pack be used once every month. The regular use of henna pack not only ensures that your hair colored and the greys covered, but it also helps boost the health of the scalp and promotes hair growth. If you just want to use henna for its advantages and not for the color, then its recommended that the henna pack is not left overnight.

In addition to all these benefits, there are other indirect advantages of using henna. It is known to help regulate blood pressure and also uses to bring down the body temperature of the body in case of fever and is further known to be a headache reliever. There are many other benefits when it comes to the uses of henna. The use of henna can prove to be extremely beneficial for the mind, hair, and body.

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